Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Note of Thanks From the Artistic Director

It is with incredible gratitude that I step into this upcoming week. After many hours of hard work, trips downtown for permits and licenses--and planning, dreaming, and scheming, we are about to open our doors to The Anam Cara Collective. The Collective encompasses both our art consignment shoppe and our theatre company, which if you ask me, is a perfect combination. We will celebrate our grand opening with a concert by Nikki Talley, then will follow with two weekends of performances of Naked Girls Reading.

As the calendar finally approaches our opening celebration, I feel as though I must make an attempt to express my gratitude, although words will never capture it all! From driving around looking at buildings and rooms to rent, to making countless "To Do" lists over Pisgah Pales at the Westville Pub, to phone calls to New Hampshire, to bruised and bloody knuckles and sore muscles from building stud walls and climbing ladders, to frozen water pipes and non-flushing toilets, to applying fresh paint, to shopping in free piles and thrift stores, and to just standing back, smiling, and breathing a deep breath of accomplishment--I am grateful. I am blessed with many dear friends who have helped me see this project to fruition, and I cannot believe how incredible it all looks--and feels.

This weekend was especially awesome. So many things were accomplished! The weather was beautiful--sunny and in the 60s!. Friends and curious neighbors stopped by to say hi and see what we were all about. In fact, the folks at Short Street Cakes came by with a box of delicious cupcakes to welcome us to the neighborhood, and Jason Sanford stopped by to take some photos for his AsheVegas/Citizen Times blog.

I have to say though, my mind keeps going back to the moment I met my partner in all of this, nearly three years ago. I have this vivid memory of when she caught my eye at the Westville Pub and my friend Kim introduced the two of us. I knew from that moment that my world would never be the same. We've since shared our dreams, aspirations, ideas, and ideals with one another, without knowing that this is what the future held for us. With simply a deep connection and incredible trust, Stacey and I dove into this crazy project together about five months ago, and here we are! Two weeks ago she drove here from New Hampshire with her van (Janis) packed to the brim with items to fill our shoppe/theatre space, and you would not believe what we've done on our teeny tiny budget. Never underestimate the minds of two passionate, creative, and Earth-minded people! I am in constant awe of our ability to work together to create amazing things. More than anything though, I am grateful for Stacey's faith in me and willingness to take this crazy, exciting, beautiful journey by my side (okay and part time from New Hampshire..haha).

While reflecting on gratitude, it would be absurd for me not to mention Laura Davis and Steph Mann in all of this. Their love, support, and willingness to do just about anything I asked of them is incomparable. I am constantly amazed and inspired by these wonderful women and their generosity with their time and patience with me and this vision of mine. I am grateful to have them in my life. (And I’m well aware that there aren’t many people who could put up with me to the extent that they have, too! Let’s just say I’m not always friendly when I’m stressed!)

And before this starts sounding like an acceptance speech at the Grammys or something, I just want to say thank you again to the many people who have helped hang flyers, paint walls, build and sew things, spread the word, and so much more! I clearly could go on and on.

But, without further ramblings, I hope you will join us Saturday night for our opening, come see some shows, and buy some cool hand-made artistic items. Don’t forget to shop locally whenever you can and help keep Asheville the most amazing mountain town in the world!


Erinn Huntley

Artistic Director

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Call for Artists

Calling all artists & crafters! New consignment art shoppe opening at our space in W. Avl. Looking for both art and craft- wall art, greeting cards, photography, prints, crafts and more. The more unique the better! We're looking for locally made, reasonably priced wares for gifts, souvenirs, and YOU. Any questions or if you would like a packet of info about the shop, please send us a line.