Friday, July 5, 2013

Experimental Theatre Ensemble AUDITIONS

  • Sun 7/14 1-3pm + Mon 7/15 7:30-9:30pm
    (must reserve a time for your audition-- no walk-ins)

    AUDITION: Perform a 2-5 minute solo piece about your life. There can be words; it can be silent; there can be lots of movement; it can be still, it can be about a specific aspect of you/your life or it can be a broad sweep of your whole life. It's up to you. Just a show a little about yourself and your piece should reflect your understanding of the Neo-Futurist aesthetic. We are casting 4-7 adults. Neo-Futurism in a Nutshell is a good

    THE GROUP: Largely influenced by the Neo-Futurists of NYC and Chicago (, this group is inspired by the non-illusory theatre aesthetic. Performers are only ever themselves in the actual space they are in with the actual people and objects surrounding them. Miming is discouraged. We do not aim to suspend any disbelief or convince the audience that we are someone else, somewhere else, etc. We may change the setting or lighting or use props or costume pieces but it is never with the intention of fooling anyone. The aim is to deliver an interesting, personal, thought provoking, honest body of performance bits.
    All performers are involved in writing, editing, directing, and performing in original pieces. Pieces are intended to be short and should reflect what cast members are interested in/thinking about/concerned with in their lives. At rehearsals we'll present new pieces, rehearse our show, brainstorm and workshop our performance. We will use improv tools to work through our pieces and develop new ones.

    COMMITMENT: We will set a weekly rehearsal for 3 hours per meeting. We will start with a monthly show held at Anam Cara Theatre. Commitment to this group is necessary. We are looking for folks who are excited about participating in a group that meets and performs regularly. That said, if you got cast in your dream role on Broadway and needed to take a hiatus, that's totally cool.

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